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True Sustainability

True sustainability doesn't hide behind marketing spin. It

poses tough questions and then answers them.

Sustainability is at the core of what I do. I’m horrified at how we are damaging our world so quickly. So whilst I am only one of 7.8 billion people, I want to make a difference that is 10,000 times greater than my own individual voice and that is why it’s such a key part of the way in which I work with businesses. 


Too often, the word ‘sustainability’ gets misused and abused with a lot of talk and marketing spin that results in failed promises and poor outcomes.

I believe we all have a responsibility to true sustainability - sustainability that delivers tangible benefits both socially and environmentally.  I pose searching questions on sustainability to myself, my clients, and their suppliers in order to come up with solutions that not only answer these questions but provide long term impact on the world and environment in which we all live.


Procurement can make a huge difference. By making sustainability a pre-requisite for doing business, together we can challenge suppliers to act with environmental integrity, rewarding those who drive their own sustainability agenda, invest in pioneering technology to reduce detrimental environmental impact, minimise wastage and pool knowledge and resources with other companies to create joint action plans.

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