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Simon Frost

After 20 years of working across a range of businesses, I noticed that many procurement functions were lacking flair and not performing to their full potential.


My mission is to turbo- charge procurement and supply chain teams to unlock amazing sustainable value. 

I saw first hand that the focus of procurement tended to be on short term tactical cost savings taking priority over building long term sustainable value. Basic skills, such as category management, were often lacking, procurement systems didn't always give the ROI they should and sustainability agendas were an afterthought.


As more people began to ask for my advice and help with their organisations, an idea for my own business began to form.


I love procurement. Apart from the thrill of new challenges and the opportunity to create something out of nothing, it’s also a fantastic way to have brilliant adventures, meet amazing people and work with great businesses – whether that’s in India, Tanzania, America or Leeds. 


I knew that having my own business would also allow me to do some good in the world by influencing and driving a sustainability agenda within the businesses I help. So I decided to test the water with a day of consultancy for a mango producer. One day turned into 7 years and I’ve not looked back since.


Turbo-charging and training procurement teams to deliver excellent sustainable results is something I want to do for the rest of my working career and I very much hope to work with you on this mission.

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