I complement my service offer with a couple of selected partners to deliver additional benefits and value for our clients:

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Data Insights

Mintec ( is the leading global provider of price data for food ingredients and materials used in consumer packaged goods. Through their cutting-edge SaaS platform, Mintec Analytics delivers market prices and analysis for more than 14,000 food ingredients and associated materials. Their price data and procurement tools empower customers to understand supplier prices better, analyse their spend and negotiate with greater confidence. From their cost-modelling tools to price change reports, bespoke dashboards to custom alerts, Mintec’s platform is designed to save time, reduce human error and drive more actionable and efficient outcomes.

I first used Mintec when I became a buyer at Mars in 2002.  The benefits of the system were immediately apparent, and I’ve been an avid user of the system ever since. There’s nothing like it in terms of being able to access such a wealth of useful data efficiently to deliver valuable insights.

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Technical Services

I met Atha Mandis when we started together at innocent drinks in 2006. With his incredible technical knowledge of produce, we toured the globe sourcing the finest fruit for innocent’s smoothies. Atha is one of the world’s leading agricultural engineers and agronomists. He runs his own technical advisory business ( specialising across the supply chain from the growing and harvesting of primary materials, through primary and secondary conversion to finished product on the shelf. He is a trained auditor and specialist in sustainability best practice.


We partner to combine Atha’s technical wizardry with my procurement skills to source the finest ingredients for our clients, delivered with the highest food safely.