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How I like to work

My USP is to train and coach your team whilst delivering strong results. 


Locking the skills into the DNA of your business ensures a continued benefit well into the future.

Whilst there are some excellent consultants in the market place, procurement consultancy can get a bad reputation. In some cases, this is self-inflicted and rightly deserved. Savings are sometimes over-stated and projects aren’t delivered through to completion. I intend to change your perspective of any misgivings you may have.

Complicated jargon, unworkable solutions and strategy without delivery is not my style. I prefer to use my energy, passion and enthusiasm (plus a good dose of Frost grit) to motivate teams and deliver results – all of which is underpinned by 20 years of experience, best practice and industry know how.

It may feel a bit clinical listing out my ethics and values.  However, it’s the code of conduct by which I work and the standards to which I hold myself.


I promise to:

  • Do exactly what I commit to you and to a very high standard

  • Never accept any fees that haven’t delivered you value

  • Be frank with you if something is beyond my skills set

  • Treat you, your business and suppliers in the same way I’d like to be treated myself

  • Drive a tough deal but know exactly when to stop

  • Always be 100% down the line

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