Fellow Procurement Adventurers®

I want to help put procurement firmly back at the centre of businesses and showcase some of the amazing results we can achieve. The rationale for the Procurement Adventurer Series is to:

  • Raise the profile of procurement and demonstrate the amazing value it can bring a business.

  • Help give procurement professionals top tips and ideas for how they can get the most out of their procurement careers.

  • Attract new people to procurement who are currently working in other roles.

  • Share ideas for how procurement can transition from the past to the future.

Procurement Adventurers may or may not travel to far flung places. But a couple of thing are for sure: they’re passionate about procurement and they are experts in their field.

Procurement Adventurers®

Serena Haines
Procurement Adventurer®

Sam Rose

Procurement Adventurer®

Coming Soon

The next Procurement Adventurer®

Mark McHugh
Procurement Adventurer®

Elodie Chavagneux
Procurement Adventurer®

Dan Plimmer

Procurement Adventurer®

David Letipichia
Procurement Adventurer®

John Taylor
Procurement Adventurer®

Another legendary Procurement Adventurer will be sharing their story soon

Angela Pryce

Procurement Adventurer®