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Inspirational Adventurers

Inspirational Adventurers are legends I have met throughout my career who may not work in procurement but have had a profoundly positive impact on me. Inspirational Adventurers are wise. They've shown me things I myself couldn't see, they've taught me things I couldn't seem to grasp. They make the impossible seem easy. Energy and passion radiates from them. They don't judge but rather understand that I'm not perfect and realise mistakes happen. They're the people who X.

Procurement Adventurers®

Sam Rose

Procurement Adventurer®

Dan Plimmer

Procurement Adventurer®

Another legendary Procurement Adventurer will be sharing their story soon

Coming Soon

The next Procurement Adventurer®

Elodie Chavagneux
Procurement Adventurer®

David Letipichia

Procurement Adventurer®

John Taylor

Procurement Adventurer®

Serena Haines

Procurement Adventurer®

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