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Training - Landing your Message Effectively


How often have you been on the receiving end of a presentation, where there is no clear message, you can barely understand the slides and the information is a shambles? Or maybe it’s been you looking out onto glazed eyes with people engrossed in their mobile phones? And yet it might be that the speaker’s content is great and there is something of real value buried in the depths of their information. Procurement experts are typically good at analysis, theory, logic, project management and practicalities; they’re not always so good at telling the right story in an impactful way to get others on board.  I created this course to address that need.

I use an analogy that presenting information should be like canapes on a plate – it should be clearly laid out, extremely easy to pick up, perfectly presented, appetising and pitched perfectly to the audience. By the end of this course, your audience will be coming back for more of your canapes and will be hungry for what you have to say!

canapes on a plate shutterstock_34062096


Whether it is you attending the course or you running the course for your team, the benefits will be fantastic and they are likely to be immediate.

Your audience will be much more likely to:

  • attend your sessions willingly, with anticipation and strong participation

  • Listen to you throughout and leave their mobile phones in their pockets

  • Provide feedback in a fair and balanced way and not provide an emotional push back

  • Get on board and be supportive of your ideas and proposals


You or your team will:

  • Look forward to engaging your audience

  • Enjoy crafting your stories and messages

  • Realise that you don’t need to create a 40-page slide deck, much of which isn’t even read

  • See a step change in agreement and support from your audience

Other Details

Course Material

Attendees will receive a full training pack containing the content from the day and a useful desk top cue card.


Frost, Procurement Adventurer


Typically, clients like to host the training on their own site. I get asked to train all round the World and I'll head to where you'd like to be. From time-to-time I run a course open people from non-competing businesses in a fixed location.


Depending on your needs and on request

Course Prospectus

Course Approach

Typically, I run this course as a half-day session – sharp, great fun and effective. The half day is a highly effective mix of theory, examples and 2 presentations by each attendee. Sometimes, clients like a more in-depth session when we spend the second part of the day working up live presentations specific to each attendee’s current circumstances. After the course, there is the option for ongoing coaching to support attendees as future situations and presentations play out in their roles.

Course Level

I tailor the training specifically to you and your team catering from junior procurement experts to senior sourcing managers. Category Directors and Heads of Procurement often join too as a refresher and as a means to learn how to give their teams ongoing training after the course.

Sectors covered

The techniques covered work for anybody working in any area of procurement or supply chain


Learning Objectives

The overall objective is for you to step change your ability to land your message and get your stakeholders on board with your ideas and proposals. 


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create a clear and compelling story for your audience to understand

  • Create a structure that is logical for your audience to follow

  • Make it easy for your audience to understand and digest your information

  • Make your presentation fun and interesting

  • Connect with your audience

Client Feedback

"Simon organized and led a great training session for a group 25 buyers and procurement managers, including my team. He created an excellent “Landing Your Message Effectively and Efficiently” training, perfectly fitting the needs of the team. Simon has been able to unlock the potential of the teams through smart interactions, straight forward theory including inspiring examples, took people gently out of their comfort zones to maximize value and all with a great sense of humour. I would definitely like to work with Simon again".

Martijn Roozen, Global Sourcing Manager, Danone

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