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Procurement can add incredible value to your business

but there are a number of fundamental issues...

  • Procurement is seen as a poor relation to revenue generating functions like Sales & Marketing

  • Procurement savings are seldom great enough

  • Sustainability falls to Procurement with insufficient support

  • Procurement is bought in too late to the NPD process

  • Supply risks aren't fully understood by your business

  • Procurement hasn't found the right balance between traditional techniques and digitisation

As a result of this, many procurement teams feel over-whelmed and under-appreciated 

The great news is that it doesn't need to be like this  


With 20 years procurement experience I can empathise with how you feel.  I’ve helped many businesses use breakthrough techniques to deliver sustainable procurement – putting procurement at the heart of your business,  delivering amazing value year after year whilst simultaneously being good for the planet.

And now I'm ready to help you

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I'm Simon Frost, founder of Frost Procurement Adventurer

When it comes to the way I work, my ethos is simple. I don’t just deliver the fish - I also teach people how to catch them. In this way I’ll lock the skills we learn into the DNA of your business ensuring continued benefits well into the future.


I don’t do dull. I don’t use complex jargon or claim phoney cost savings.


I do energy, adventure, hard work and excellent results.


Now I’m ready to help you with your adventure:

Contact me to discuss your adventure

What people say

"Simon drove forwards the innovation agenda, with passion, insight and purpose.  My only regret is to not have been able to convince him to stay with the organisation on a permanent basis."

Paul Gardner, Vice President Food Procurement, Danone

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