Training - Pure Negotiation


This course kicks off with a reminder that we can all negotiate.  In fact, we’ve been doing it from when we first appeared into the World and burst out crying. And for those of you who are parents or have young nephews or nieces you’ll know just how good children are at it. My two daughters are experts at eliciting telly out of me and my wife and now they’re adapting their devious techniques trying to win us over to add a hamster to the rabbits they already have!

During the course my aim is to help attendees discover ways to maximise their natural style. I’ll show how a quiet, considered negotiator can be just as effective as someone with a hard-nosed approach. And we’ll see that whilst there is a time and place to be tough and commercial, by understanding the other party's position and asking some amazing questions both sides can achieve what they need.


I encourage attendees to practice on a daily basis in their home lives and am delighted when they update me tails of their excellent commercial results.


I'm not going to write a long spiel about the benefits of negotiation and there are lots of options for you to choose from in the market place.

I will just say that my course dovetails particularly well with three other modules I run - The Procurement Process, Category Management and Cost Modelling. Clients often ask me to run these modules as a bundle.

Client Feedback

I've done other negotiation courses in the past.  This is by far and away the best one I've done - Simon has so many examples and top tips and the case studies really bring it it to life. Thank you! 

Head of Procurement, Mid-sized food business


Useful actionable advice that I can put to use straight away in my personal or professional life

Procurement Expert, High growth Food SME

Having initially dreaded the thought of being videoed, I'm so pleased we were. It was super insightful

Marketing Manager, High growth Petcare SME

Other Details

Course Material

Attendees will receive a full training pack containing a summary of content from the day as well as copies of all case studies and your negotiation video


Frost, Procurement Adventurer :)


Typically, clients like to host the training on their own site. I get asked to train all round the World and I'll head to where you'd like to be. From time-to-time I run a course open people from non-competing businesses in a fixed location


The cost will vary depending on a number of factors such as the number of delegates and the follow up involvement you would like. I will quote against your specific requirements. 

Course Prospectus

The course is a fun and highly interactive day blending theory, many examples and two role-play case studies. I create both case studies uniquely for your business. The second case study is videoed which gives the attendees invaluable insights into their style.

Course Level

This course is pitched at procurement specialists to procurement managers. Budget owners, particularly in indirect spend, often join too and Heads of Procurement sometimes join for a refresh.

Sectors covered

The techniques covered work across direct and indirect spend


Learning Objectives

The overall objective is for you to have a good grasp of negotiation concepts and techniques and have the confidence to apply them in a way that works for your natural style. 


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the negotiation process and key negotiation concepts

  • Adapt your approach to different types of negotiation

  • Research, prepare and plan for the negotiation

  • Play different roles in the negotiation

  • Understand the concept of breakpoints and how to set them

  • Open the negotiation

  • Give and receive offers

  • Create and trade variables

  • Make different types of move

  • Asking brilliant questions

  • Listen better than you’ve ever listened before

  • Choose appropriate language

  • Watch for and interpret verbal queues, body language and other signals

  • Work towards and then close a deal

  • Apply a range of tricks of the trad,

  • Know how to respond if these tricks are played on you

  • Tailor your response to different characters you might meet

  • Managing your energy and state

  • Apply different communication methods (face to face, email, telephone)

  • Appreciate and read different cultural styles of negotiating    +44(0)7967372378